Canadian History and Other Related Resources

1.4 Retention Guidelines for Common Administrative Records of the Government of Canada
Archivia Net

The British Colonist: Editions of the early British Columbia newspaper, online

British Columbia Courthouse Library Society list of links

Bytown or Bust : The history and genealogy of Ottawa and area Canada GenWeb

Canada's Hinterland : The familiar films on animals, brought to you by the Ministry of Natural Resources Canadian Wildlife Federation

Canada's System of Justice

Canadian Heritage Gallery : Main page for Canadian Heritage Gallery
Canadian Heritage Gallery

Canadian Heritage Gallery Aboriginal : Historical photos and images of Aboriginal history and leading figures Canadian Heritage Gallery

Canadian Heritage Gallery People : Historical photos and images of leading Canadian figuresCanadian Heritage Gallery

LAC Forum on Democracy : Library and Archives Canada

Canadian Resource Page : Extensive list of links and resources on Canada

CPAC Links : CPAC Resource links

Current Members of the House of Commons : List and links to current members of the House of Commons GoC: Parliamentary Internet

Current Senate Members : List and links to current members of the Senate GoC: Senate of Canada

Dictionary of Canadian Biography: The on-line Canadian Dictionary of Biography Library and National Archives of Canada

The Doukhobor Genealogy Site ; The Doukhobors in their own words. Excellent site.

The Doukhobors : A brief introduction to the life and history of the Doukhobors, and some links.

Julie Rak's
website (Associate Professor of English, University of Alberta)

The Doukhobors in Canada : The University of Saskatchewan Library select bibliography

Famous Canadian's Theme Page

Federal Court of Canada : History of the Federal Court of Canada GoC: Federal Court of Canada

Forgotten History : American intervention, world-wide

Frequently Requested Acts : Frequently requested Acts, Texts and Statutes Department of Justice

Government of Canada: Cabinets : Cross-linked list

Governors General of Canada.... Just about anything you would want to know about
also: Canada Info Hansard : Hansard Index, plus links to other matters of the Senate, House of Commons and Chamber business GoC: Parliamentary Internet

Great Canadian Places : History of various places in Canada. Also see the Lakes, Rivers, and Parks pages

History of the Crowsnest Highway (Timeline) : A timeline history of the Crowsnest Highway, with excellent histories of communities along the highwayCrowsnest Higway Portal

Law Commission of Canada: Reading Room : Note... The Conservative Government eliminated the Law Commission of Canada. Its reports now exist only in archived form. The Law Commission of Canada Act, 1996 "The mandate of the Commission was derived from the Law Commission of Canada Act, which was "to study and keep under systematic review, in a manner that reflects the concepts and institutions of the common and civil law systems, the law of Canada and its effect."
Oct. 2006 capture
Dec. 2006 capture
Report on Plans and Priorities [PDF]
LCC Report: "Beyond Conjugality
Various Reports (via Restorative Justice Online)
Ministers of Indian and Northern Affairs : Cross-linked list

WikipediaMinisters : Links to current Ministers
GoC: Privy Council Office

Necrology of Catholic Bishops, Worldwide : Necrology of bishops of the Catholic Church, Worldwide. Not searchable by date, but you can click back, by year… I quit at 1799. Includes chart of dates for each bio.
Catholic Hierarchy.com

Oblates deceased 2004 : Lists of Oblates martyred and deceased 2004OMI Search Google: "omi information"

Ottawa Start History links : Check out History and Heritage, and Ottawa History Books

Deceased Oblates, US : List of Oblates deceased in the US. Searchable alphabetically and by month (not year)

OMI of the Untited States Province

OMI Bishops, Canada : Lists of OMI Bishops in Canada
Catholic Hierarchy.com

Orders in Council : Look-up for Orders in Council GoC: Privy Council Office

Privy Council, Historical List Process for the Consultation of Textual Records Subject to the Access to Information and Privacy Acts by Government Researchers Provincial and Territorial Governments : Links for the Official Provincial and Territorial websites Government of Canada [Typically, the Privy Council website is full of broken links]

Superintendents General of Indian Affairs : Cross-linked list

Supreme Court of Canada : Supreme Court of Canada WebsiteGoC: Supreme Court of Canada

Tax Court of Canada : Tax Court of Canada Website GoC: Tax Court of Canada [All decked out in Barney Purple... gack!]

Timelinks: Manitoba History on the Web University of Alberta links to On-line Resources : Includes extensive collections and databases of e-books, dictionaries, collections, and more
University of Alberta

Canadian History Links : Tons of links! See also: History Central Links

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