Tateetc: To coincide with Tate Britain's photographic survey of Britain's social history, TATE ETC. asked a selection of writers, curators and photographers to reflect on some memorable images



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Shark Break

Food [History]

The Old Foodie "From Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, The Old Foodie gives you 400 words each weekday on a topic related to the day, plus a historic recipe, and sometimes a menu. And how much fun is that!"

18th Century [French] Cuisine

Historic Food
"As well as advertising the Historic Food Courses, this site contains a wealth of unique information, recipes and images relating to the history of English food. It demonstrates how Ivan [Day] uses period cookery illustrations, antique utensils and other primary sources to re-create the remarkable food of the past."

UK History

Old Mersey Times: "Liverpool and Mersey life through old newspapers" Links

London, UK

Some interesting historical links....

The Cat's Meat Shop: "A Victorian rag-bag" and appendix to The Dictionary of Victorian London

Charles Booth Online Archive: Amazing record of the inquiry into poverty in London, 1886-1903 [British Library of Political and Economic Science]

East London History: 2000 years of the people and places of the East End of London (blog)

Epidemic Disease in London: A Collection of Working Papers given at the Symposium 'Epidemic Disease in London: from the Black Death to Cholera' held at the Institute of Historical Research, 19 March 1992, Edited by J.A.I. Champion

A Glimpse of London Sewers (Pt. 1): An article about the history and conditions of early London sewers Pt. 2, Pt. 3

Greenwood's Maps: Historical maps of London and environs. Compare to modern London on Google Maps!

Henry Mayhew, co-founder of Punch Magazine, was a social researcher and reformer, journalist, and playwright. He wrote a series of articles which were published in the Morning Chronicle (which also published Charles Dickens), These articles were, in 1851, compiled into "London Labour and the London Poor.
London Labour and the London Poor: A Cyclopædia of the Condition and Earnings of Those that Will Work, Those that Cannot Work, and Those that Will Not Work,By Henry Mayhew, William Tuckniss,Published by Griffin, Bohn, and Company, 1861

A Few Odd Characters Out of the London Streets: As Represented in Henry Mayhew's Curious Conversazione,By Henry Mayhew,Published by R.S. Francis, 1857
Historical gazetteer of London before the Great Fire - Cheapside; parishes of All Hallows Honey Lane, St Martin Pomary, St Mary le Bow, St Mary Colechurch and St Pancras Soper Lane

A History of London Tube Maps

London History At Britannia.com

London Underground History: Disused Underground stations

Samuel Pepys: There are a number of interesting sites about Samuel and his diary.

The Diary of Samuel Pepys, The Blog!
Samuel Pepys' Homepage
Project Gutenberg's Text of the Diary
Understanding Pepys' "visit to the synagogue"
A Pepys Show: The World of Samuel Pepys in Paper Dolls [What's with the long underwear???]
Pepys One Name Study.... Someone who is interested (family connections) in the name Pepys discusses the name and its roots and variations... Interesting!
And, just for good measure, a bit about Elizabeth Pepys.... A bit is all we will get, as she left no record of her own. Although there is a fictionalized "journal" "The Journal of Mrs. Pepys: Portrait of a Marriage" by Sara George

From Samuel's Blog and again
The Secret Life of Artur J. Munby: Munby was a middle-class civil-servant whose "hobby" was meeting with and interviewing, albeit unofficially, with working women (that is women who worked, not specifically prostitutes). He kept a diary of those meetings and interviews over a period of 40-odd years. As unusual as that would perhaps have been, the more shocking revelation would have been that for 32 of those years, he was secretly married to Hannah Cullwick, a maid-of-all-work. For a number of years, he and Hannah lived together as husband and wife, whilst all but a few close acquaintances thought Hannah was his housekeeper but for the bulk of their relationship, Hannah lived in various "situations" as maid, housekeeper, or servant in other peoples' homes. Both Munby and Cullwick left diaries which illuminate the lives of the Victorian working woman, as well as the curious and forbidden cross-class relationship.

Hannah Cullwick and Arthur Munby
Water-related history of London

Other resources:
British History Online
London Chronicles, Surveys and Diaries
Chamber accounts of the sixteenth century
Lysons' account of London within twelve miles of the city (4 volumes, 1796)


Interesting Sites

Blogger: Start your own blog (weblog or online diary). It is easy to use, versatile, and (best of all... FREE). You can pick from a number of ready-made templates for your blog, or design your own. You are able to download (again, for FREE) software to upload photos and to manage your photos on your computer. It is a blast! (I have 6 weblogs for different endeavors).

Common Ground Radio : News and in-depth analysis on critical international issues from correspondents and experts worldwide

The Stanley Foundation

Compassionate Listening Project : Focuses on Compassionate Listening as a tool for reconciliation between Israelis and PalestiniansCompassionate Listening Project

Distinguished Women, Past and Present Global Exchange : An international human rights organization dedicated to promoting political, social and environmental justice globally.Global Exchange

Freedom House: Freedom House, a non-profit, nonpartisan organization, is a clear voice for democracy and freedom around the world. Through a vast array of international programs and publications, Freedom House is working to advance the remarkable worldwide expansion of political and economic freedom.

Freedominfo: The online network of freedom of information advocates

Idealist.org Action Without Borders : Resource centre for 35,000 nonprofit and community organizations and volunteers worldwide Action Without Borders

Making Contact : Weekly International Radio BroadcastNational Radio Project

Media Channel list 1064 affiliates focused on media issues : MediaChannel is a media issues supersite, featuring criticism, breaking news, and investigative reporting from hundreds of organizations worldwide.Media Channel

Ratical.org : Excellent resource for online articles, essays, and books

Goedgedacht: The Path out of Poverty Programme or POP in short is a holistic and integrated (cradle to the grave) development programme which helps farm workers and their families escape from the continuous cycles of poverty which have trapped them for so many generations.

Virtual Library Museums Pages : Links to on-line museums, worldwide


Age Calculator : Age Calculator

Catholic Encyclopedia : A-Z of Catholicism

CIA World Fact Book : 'nuff said

Chicago Manual of Style : 'nuff said

Common Equivalent Weights and Measures

Common Errors in English : Flammable or inflammable?

Dictionary.com : Dictionaries

Dr. Grammar : Rx for your writing ills

Due-date Calculator : Automatically calculates due-dates for you....

Online Reference Desk : Every resource you will likely need in one place…

Dictionary.com Translator: Language translator Dictionary Dot Com

Latin can be fun! Some of these are repetitive but it was worth putting them all in:
Fun Latin
Slightly Less Common Latin Phrases

Denuone Latine loquebar?
Abigail's Big Table Of Latin Phrases
Handy Latin Phrases
another Handy Latin Phrases
Latin Phrases
Latin, the easy way
MathWorld : Everything you need to know about math...

Measurement Calculators : Conversion calculators

Perpetual Calendar : Calculators and planning tools, etc. From Time and Date dot com

Portals to the World : "Portals to the World contain selective links providing authoritative, in-depth information about the nations and other areas of the world."

Research and Documentation Online : "An extensive annotated list of specialized sources for more than 25 disciplines. The resources are organized by type—databases and indexes, Web sites, and reference texts—under four main categories: Humanities, Social Sciences, History, and Sciences."

Simpson's Contemporary Quotations Bartlebydotcom

Sources : Their use and acknowledgement. Reference for citing sources Dartmouth College

Symbolsdotcom : Looking for the name of a symbol, or for the symbol that fits the name? You will find symbols, with historical references, from every culture, past and present. Includes International symbols for signage to Celtic crosses to cave symbols....

Translation Wizard : The best translation tool EVER. I tested it out with English to Albanian and it is great. Africaans to Yiddish, Basque to Malay

Unit Conversions : Length to velocity, current to capacity

Virtual Library : Links to on-line reference sources

Wikipedia : Online Encyclopedia Wikipedia

Wikipedia Projects : Various projects Wikipedia

Wiktionary : Online Dictionary Wikipedia

Wikibooks : Free online textbooks, manuals, and other books Wikipedia

Wikiquotes : Collection of Quotations Wikipedia

Wikisource : Free source texts Wikipedia

World Biographical Index : 3.6 million short biographical entries for eminent individuals. Searchable by occupation, name or country.

World Flag Index : 'nuff said

World TimeServer : The Time Worldwide

Writing Centre : Everything you need to assist you in honing your writing skills for professional or creative writing

Residential Schools and Recovery-related Sites

Aboriginal Healing Foundation

Residential Schools: Legacy and Response Anglican Church of Canada

Anglican Journal Anglican Church of Canada

Apology Australia : Reconcilliation site (archived)

Indigenous Australians at Pandora Australia's Web Archive

Bringing Them Home : Report of the National Inquiry into the Separation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children from Their Families

Reconciliation and Social Justice Library

Child Abuse Scandal in Wales : BBC Reports and articles

"Experience and Reflections of the Victim of Sexual Abuse" : Mary Gail Frawley-O'Dea, Ph.D. U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, June 14, 2002

Surviving the Past: Resource page

Kohanga Maori Language Site

Trauma Resource Pages : "information for clinicians and researchers in the traumatic-stress field." Excellent site

Turning Point:
Turning Point offers cyber-space for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people in Canada to have open and direct communication with each other.

Workbook for Residential School Survivors : produced by Lorraine Kenny, Special Projects Coordinator, for the survivors attending the gathering at Pelican Falls in May 2002.

Aboriginal Resources

List of Residential Schools [lists those schools currently accepted under the Settlement Agreement. This list is constantly under review as information becomes available and if they are accepted under Article 12 of the Agreement]

Aboriginal Resources: Hundreds of links organized on Aboriginal issues, organized by Issue. U.S. and Canadian links WWW Bloor Street

Aboriginal Resources (International) : As above, but international WWW Bloor Street

Aboriginal Peoples in the Archives : A Guide to sorces in the Archives of Ontario Archives of Ontario Anglican Journal
Anglican Church of Canada

CanandaiguaTreaty : Online Essay on the Canandaigua Treaty ratical.org Ratical appears to be off-line. Hopefully, this is not a permanent thing.

Cooper's Indians: James Fenimore Cooper -- A Re-Appraisal Papers from the 1951 James Fenimore Cooper Conference Cooperstown, New York; Paul A.W. Wallace (Editor, Pennsylvania History)

Indian and Northern Affairs Canada : Main DIAND website DIAND

Indian Claims Commission : Main page for the Indian Claims Commission GoC: Indian Claims Commission Indian Affairs Resolution Sector

Ministers of Indian Affairs : List of Ministers of Indian and Northern Affairs DIAND

St. Joseph's Industrial School : Archival material on the school from the Glenbow Museum Glenbow Museum

The Great Law of Peace : A history of and resource for The Great Law of Peace of the Haudenosaunee Six Nations.org (Site is undergoing maintenance)

Resources for Comprehensive Land Claims : Electronic resources and links for Comprehensive Indian Land Claims Comprehensive Land Claims Branch

Resources for the history of indian Land Claims : Electronic resources and links for Specific Indian Land Claims Specific Land Claims Branch

Resources for Treaties, Land-claims, and Self-Government : Electronic resources and links for Treaties, Land-claims, and Self-Government Claims and Self-Governance Branch

Resources for Self-Government : Electronic resources and links for Self-Government Self-Government Branch

Shingwauk Project : History of the Shingwauk Indian Residential School, and various resources Shingwauk Project

The Six Nations: Oldest Participatory Democracy on Earth : On-line resource for essays, papers, and online books dealing with the Six Nations ratical.org

Various Haudenosaunee Treaties : As described Six Nations.org (Site is undergoing maintenance)

The Child Abuse Survivor's Monument

Canadian History and Other Related Resources

1.4 Retention Guidelines for Common Administrative Records of the Government of Canada
Archivia Net

The British Colonist: Editions of the early British Columbia newspaper, online

British Columbia Courthouse Library Society list of links

Bytown or Bust : The history and genealogy of Ottawa and area Canada GenWeb

Canada's Hinterland : The familiar films on animals, brought to you by the Ministry of Natural Resources Canadian Wildlife Federation

Canada's System of Justice

Canadian Heritage Gallery : Main page for Canadian Heritage Gallery
Canadian Heritage Gallery

Canadian Heritage Gallery Aboriginal : Historical photos and images of Aboriginal history and leading figures Canadian Heritage Gallery

Canadian Heritage Gallery People : Historical photos and images of leading Canadian figuresCanadian Heritage Gallery

LAC Forum on Democracy : Library and Archives Canada

Canadian Resource Page : Extensive list of links and resources on Canada

CPAC Links : CPAC Resource links

Current Members of the House of Commons : List and links to current members of the House of Commons GoC: Parliamentary Internet

Current Senate Members : List and links to current members of the Senate GoC: Senate of Canada

Dictionary of Canadian Biography: The on-line Canadian Dictionary of Biography Library and National Archives of Canada

The Doukhobor Genealogy Site ; The Doukhobors in their own words. Excellent site.

The Doukhobors : A brief introduction to the life and history of the Doukhobors, and some links.

Julie Rak's
website (Associate Professor of English, University of Alberta)

The Doukhobors in Canada : The University of Saskatchewan Library select bibliography

Famous Canadian's Theme Page

Federal Court of Canada : History of the Federal Court of Canada GoC: Federal Court of Canada

Forgotten History : American intervention, world-wide

Frequently Requested Acts : Frequently requested Acts, Texts and Statutes Department of Justice

Government of Canada: Cabinets : Cross-linked list

Governors General of Canada.... Just about anything you would want to know about
also: Canada Info Hansard : Hansard Index, plus links to other matters of the Senate, House of Commons and Chamber business GoC: Parliamentary Internet

Great Canadian Places : History of various places in Canada. Also see the Lakes, Rivers, and Parks pages

History of the Crowsnest Highway (Timeline) : A timeline history of the Crowsnest Highway, with excellent histories of communities along the highwayCrowsnest Higway Portal

Law Commission of Canada: Reading Room : Note... The Conservative Government eliminated the Law Commission of Canada. Its reports now exist only in archived form. The Law Commission of Canada Act, 1996 "The mandate of the Commission was derived from the Law Commission of Canada Act, which was "to study and keep under systematic review, in a manner that reflects the concepts and institutions of the common and civil law systems, the law of Canada and its effect."
Oct. 2006 capture
Dec. 2006 capture
Report on Plans and Priorities [PDF]
LCC Report: "Beyond Conjugality
Various Reports (via Restorative Justice Online)
Ministers of Indian and Northern Affairs : Cross-linked list

WikipediaMinisters : Links to current Ministers
GoC: Privy Council Office

Necrology of Catholic Bishops, Worldwide : Necrology of bishops of the Catholic Church, Worldwide. Not searchable by date, but you can click back, by year… I quit at 1799. Includes chart of dates for each bio.
Catholic Hierarchy.com

Oblates deceased 2004 : Lists of Oblates martyred and deceased 2004OMI Search Google: "omi information"

Ottawa Start History links : Check out History and Heritage, and Ottawa History Books

Deceased Oblates, US : List of Oblates deceased in the US. Searchable alphabetically and by month (not year)

OMI of the Untited States Province

OMI Bishops, Canada : Lists of OMI Bishops in Canada
Catholic Hierarchy.com

Orders in Council : Look-up for Orders in Council GoC: Privy Council Office

Privy Council, Historical List Process for the Consultation of Textual Records Subject to the Access to Information and Privacy Acts by Government Researchers Provincial and Territorial Governments : Links for the Official Provincial and Territorial websites Government of Canada [Typically, the Privy Council website is full of broken links]

Superintendents General of Indian Affairs : Cross-linked list

Supreme Court of Canada : Supreme Court of Canada WebsiteGoC: Supreme Court of Canada

Tax Court of Canada : Tax Court of Canada Website GoC: Tax Court of Canada [All decked out in Barney Purple... gack!]

Timelinks: Manitoba History on the Web University of Alberta links to On-line Resources : Includes extensive collections and databases of e-books, dictionaries, collections, and more
University of Alberta

Canadian History Links : Tons of links! See also: History Central Links